bmx role playing bike game addictive strategy

Race tough, finish first, earn money, upgrade your bike and driver and unlock new levels. Cyclomaniacs is a very good game  with really nice graphics and a lot of levels and upgrade options. As you unlock new levels, you get to race in new locations like in the city center, on a volcano where you  [ Read More ]

BMX Pro Style – Perform Pro Stunts

June - 30 - 2010
Posted by BMX Games
bmx pro style stunts

Set in a BMX park, the goal of this great BMX stunt game is to score as many points as it is possible within the alloted time. Up in the air, hold the trick keys as long as you want to get more points. You can use different combinations of tricks. But, try to land  [ Read More ]

BMX Freestyle – Play

June - 30 - 2010
Posted by BMX Games
BMX freestyle

Here is a very good BMX freestyle game to pull off some out of this world stunts and earn points to unlock new levels! You will be awarded with gold, silver or bronze medal according to your total points and you will proceed to more advanced setups where you can show your true BMX skills.  [ Read More ]

Leap on Rock – BMX Uphill Game

June - 23 - 2010
Posted by BMX Games
leap on rock bmx dirt game uphill

Leap on Rock is a BMX uphill dirt bike game where you try to reach the other side of the terrain while trying to keep the bike steady. The goal is to keep steady more than performing stunts and there are not many moves available. It is not an easy game to play as are  [ Read More ]

BMX X-RIDER Play Competition style

June - 17 - 2010
Posted by BMX Games

BMX X-rider lets you choose either “free-ride” mode to practice and increase your skills in unlimited time or if you are confident enough, go with the “competition” mode where you will have 120 seconds to show your best tricks.

BMX Adventures Play

June - 10 - 2010
Posted by BMX Games
bmx adventures play bike games

An extremely slow game in the beginning which feels like it takes minutes before the rider can pedal to gain enough speed to perform any stunts. There are 6 levels and only finishes less than 2 minutes are recorded. It is possible to do backflips, etc. . Lean back using the left arrow to gain speed. Land  [ Read More ]